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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Officially Real Now

Hey there! I'm officially a PCV rather than a PCT now! I passed the evil language test of doom and will be headed to Maradi on Sunday. Last night was... wow. Awesome. Sworn in by the ambassador and a ton of people and laughing and all in all great fun. You'll all love my outfit, made of computer material pagnes. I will post pictures eventually, once I get off my ass and resize them from their current 4M status... Yah, had to play with the camera a bit. It was fun, though. I was bringing geeky back. Not, from what I can tell, that it ever truly left Niger. So fun. Exhausted now, and there will be a ton of other stuff to get done and packed, so we're figuring out how to get our newly free butts back to Hamdy for one last night. LOVE to you all.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Hey guys.
Scurried in to Niamey today for a little bit of escapism. Life's good here - in health :) Have met team Maradi, and been to my village, and I'm really excited about all of it. Miss you guys bunches, so send me emails! Other than that, looking forward to an incredibly busy week coming up - lots of socializing so I'm sure I'll be found lurking in a corner somewhere. Hey, that's where the shade is!! And shade is your friend around here. I've met with some of the people I'm going to be workign with on cowpeas storage. Should be good. And I actually get to use my French! OMG! But yes, life is good here. HUGS to you all.