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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Better Living Through Chemistry

So, I have strep. And Amoebas. Joy. Other than that, life's good.
Came in on Monday to get some work done and put in the order for my (inordinately expensive) new shiny shade hangar that will be used to demo water harvesting (and because I'm sick of spiders and the sound of termites munching). I had a bit of a sore throat, upset stomach, and mild fever - figured it was nothing. Oops. So I'm here until Friday, working on getting handouts set up for the newbies' upcoming IST and trying to keep the fever down (it maxed at 100.6, approx 3 degrees for me) and sleeping a lot. A lot. I'd also like to draw your attention to today's weather report: Dust. Dust doesn't even begin to cover it - try nasty evil haze and coughing and blah - and that's the people without giant lumps of goop on the back of their throat. This is why Niger needs more trees.

The garden's going well in the village, though some brilliant person let the goats in and a couple people lost their lettuce. We planted enough that it will be fine, though. I went by the metal place this morning and for all that it's ridiculously expensive, the quality of work is phenomenal. I was expecting flimsy, but I'd feel comfortable using his work in the States. 163000F well spent. (No, I don't want to do the calculation into USD, it would only depress me). I'll put up pictures when it's done, but basically it'll take all the water from a 6m2 area, plus a portion of my roof, and funnel it into a barrel to which a spigot has been welded so that I can use it to fill my watering can for my garden.

Why go to all this mess? Because I want them to come to me and ask me to help them do the same thing. I want the motivation to come from them, so that they'll contribute, which is something that doesn't really happen around here all that much - the white people just show up and give them stuff and it's great. La la la. So not sustainable. So, to get them interested in gardening I made my own. To get them interested in water harvesting... you got it :) We'll see how this works. Ultimate goal: School garden with water from harvesting off the school roofs. Of course, I expect that there'll be flying pigs present at the opening ceremonies, but hey, we can hope, yah?



Ben said...

Ooof. Feel better.

Ms. Olson said...

Thanks, I love penicillin. And Fasogyne. And Humatin. And Acetominophen. And Caffeine :)